Friday, 6 December 2013

Festive Fridays - Silks

Embroidered postcard showing a design incorporating  the Allied flags and mistletoe (D/DLI 7/652/31)

D/DLI 7/652/31 Embroidered postcard showing a design incorporating 

the Allied flags and mistletoe

One of the most popular items that soldiers bought to send home were embroidered postcards, also called silks.  These consisted of a strip of silk that was either factory made or embroidered by women in France and Belgium.  Perhaps surprisingly, not a lot more is known about their production.

The most common subjects were flowers, regimental insignia, and flags.  However, as might be expected, around the festive period, other motifs were made or, in the case of the card at the top, incorporated with some of the more usual themes.

Embroidered postcard showing a snowy scene with pine cones and flowers (D/DLI 7/913/419)
D/DLI 7/913/419  Embroidered postcard showing a snowy scene with 
pine cones and flowers
The cards were popular because they were something pretty, and easy, to send home to loved ones from the frequently grim conditions of France and Belgium, especially at a time of year when home would be at the front of their minds.  

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