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4 August 1914

Mobilisation telegram received by the officer commanding 6th Battalion, Durham Light Infantry, 4 August 1914  (D/DLI 2/6/10(208))
D/DLI 2/6/10(208) Mobilisation telegram received by Lieutenant Colonel HC Watson, commanding 6th Battalion, Durham Light Infantry, 4 August 1914 

2nd Battalion, Durham Light Infantry, official war diary (The National Archives, WO 95/1617/1)

Lichfield 6:30pm, Aug 4th

Order to mobilize received.  1st Day mobilization 5 August 1914.
When mobilzation was ordered the Precautionary Period Detachments under Major Mander were in their alloted places i.e.
1. Headquarter Detachment at Sputh Shields under Major Mander, Captain Hare and Lieutenant Yate.   Strength 400 men (of whom 137 were provided by the 1st Battalion Prince of Wales Own West Yorkshire Regiment).
Less the sub-detachments as follows:
2. Captain Best, Hebburn Dock, 21 men
3. Lieutenant Taylor, Oil Depot, South Shields, 25 men
4. Lieutenant Norton, Frenchmans Battery, South Shields, 25 men
5. Lieutenant Grey-Wilson, Palmers Dock, Jarrow, 20 men

On the night of Aug 4th, immediately after the declaration of war, Major Mander, assisted by Captain Hare and Lieutenant Yate, with 30 men seized a German merchant ship on the Tyne.

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