Thursday, 15 October 2015

Event at Bowburn

You may have heard on the news at the start of the week about the centenary of the death of the nurse Edith Cavell.  During the early months of the First World War, she used her role as a nurse to save the lives of men on both sides of the fighting.  However, she also helped Allied soldiers escape from the area of Belgium that was occupied by the Germans.  For this, the Germans found her guilty of treason and she was executed on 12 October 1915.  

Edith Cavell appears on the 1920 Bowburn miner's banner and on Friday 16 October, they are holding a commemoration event, with a talk on the life of Cavell.  You can also find out more about the men of Bowburn who fought in the war, and the Durham at War team will be on hand to talk about the project and give advice on WWI family history.

Bowburn memorial event 16 October 2015

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