Friday, 18 December 2015

Winter larks

After the dumping of snow some of us received on the 12th December, thoughts turn to the winter weather.  After the previous years spending the cold winter months in billets, camps, and trenches, by January 1919, the remaining men of 2nd Battalion, Durham Light Infantry found themselves in Lechenich, south west of Cologne, Germany.  

Many of the men had been demobilised, or were waiting to be. The battalion spent the month training, and playing football and games. They also found time to indulge in a spot of ice skating, or they at least tried to.
D/DLI 7/426/152(57) Second Lieutenant Hubert McBain and Lieutenant Arderne on ice skates, Lechenich, Germany, January 1919
D/DLI 7/426/152(58) Lieutenants Pratt and Arderne, not on ice skates, Lechenich, Germany, January 1919

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