Thursday, 23 January 2014

Britain's Great War

On Monday at 9pm, BBC One is showing the first episode of Jeremy Paxman's series 'Britain's Great War'. The first episode is called 'War Comes to Britain' and includes a segment in which Paxman visited Hartlepool to find out about the bombardment on 16 December 1914.  

This synopsis for the episode is from the BBC website:
'Jeremy Paxman traces the story of the dramatic early stages of the war, from stunned disbelief to the mass recruitment of volunteer soldiers.
Fear of invasion grips the country, Boy Scouts guard bridges, and spies are suspected everywhere. For the first time, British civilians are fired on by enemy ships and bombed from the air. Paxman meets a 105-year-old eyewitness to the shelling of Hartlepool, who describes how she thought the Germans had landed.
Total war has come to Britain.'
The producer, Julian Birkett, has written a piece about the making the series

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