Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Ringing in the New Year

Embroidered postcard with winter scene (D/DLI 7/531/2)
D/DLI 7/531/2 Embroidered postcard with winter scene
Following on from Christmas Eve, John Walcote Gamble finds himself again in the trenches on New Year’s Eve.  As 1916 began he wrote:

12. 15 a.m.
I wondered what would happen here on the passing of 1915, and this is what did. 
I was just about to announce "1916 is here" and wish everyone a Happy New Year, when on the tick of 12, every British Gun burst forth in a regular tornado.
For 10 minutes they pounded away their welcome to 1916, and the noise was terrific.  
And then all was quiet again.

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